Still Photography Tours

MLS SHOOT – STANDARD:            25 image home tour     $150

MLS SHOOT – STANDARD PLUS:  25+ image home tour    $225

MLS SHOOT – SHOWCASE EDIT:   25 + image home tour   $400

STANDARD:  Our standard shoot presents a welcoming, storyboarded tour of your listing. This basic edit combined with professional architectural composition will guarantee that your listing stands out from the crowd. Hero MLS shot receives Showcase Edit. Standard shoots are delivered by the same evening of the shoot day.    Click for Standard demo

STANDARD PLUS: This upgrade includes up to 4 hours of our high polish editing applied throughout the tour creating a more inviting emotional impact. These edits typically include up to 35 or more shots depending on the lot size and features of the home. PLUS UPGRADE also includes a Custom Landing Page

SHOWCASE EDIT:  We start with the standard tour and then handcraft it into our signature product.  This detailed process normalizes the many varied light sources in a typical home setting to more reflect how the human eye would perceive a scene. The harsh differences between daylight, tungsten, fluorescent, LED and halogen lighting are minimized throughout the scene. Mixed light sources on walls, ceilings, floors, cabinetry, fixtures and appliances are all individually corrected. Windows, hallways, distant rooms are all fine-tuned to create a seamless, hi-impact view. In addition, the sensation of depth is heightened by precisely isolating various areas and items in the scene and applying the magic of digital tools to create a subtle enhanced 3D perception and designed POP!  This signature editing process delivers a fine-art, magazine styled tour designed to create an instant emotional connection with the viewer – there is no better way to make a first impression.    Showcase Edits are delivered within 3 days of the shoot day.     Click for Showcase demo

If you have an estate over 5000 sq. ft. feel free to discuss the option of a custom package to best suit your needs.

Up to 10 images of the exterior only.  This is a per-visit minimum charge.

Scheduled for the last 30 minutes of daylight providing up to 10 images of the exterior only.

Matterport 3D Tour   Click for Matterport demo

2,000-2,999 sq. ft. 3,000-3,999 sq. ft. 4,000 – 4,999 sq. ft. 5,000-5,999
3D Tour Only – $200 3D Tour Only – $250 3D Tour Only – $325 3D Tour Only – $425 3D Tour Only – $475
Price with stills – $175 Price with stills – $225 Price with stills – $275 Price with stills – $325 Price with stills – $375
Floor Plans – $100 Floor Plans – $100 Floor Plans – $100 Floor Plans – $125 Floor Plans – $150

All materials are guaranteed to be as specified and in accordance with the details and locations.  All files will be delivered electronically via Dropbox.  Pricing and service information is confidential and subject to change. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Pricing is based on our Central Florida Home service area.  Locations beyond the home service area are welcome – travel is billed at $.50 per mile. Beyond a 100 mile radius, travel is reasonably quoted on a per job basis. No worries, we like to travel and look forward to working with you!