Bruce ShannonI bring over 30 years of experience as a photographer, art director and graphic artist to every assignment and create a clean, contemporary photographic style that enhances your property’s sales potential. 

Whether a listing is a million-dollar home or a fixer-upper, Shannon Real Estate Photography will bring out its best.  Our compositional excellence, unique lighting techniques and fine art editing ensures your listing looks its absolute best while staying true to its actual condition and features.

“I am as passionate about capturing light and dimension as you are about closing a sale – together we create a winning team.”   ~Bruce Shannon

Now, more than ever, your listings must stand out from the crowd. According to the National Association of Realtors, 80% of home buyers are shopping for a home online, the way your listings look is an important factor, if not the most important in generating buyer interest. It’s no secret, better-presented homes get more traffic, more buyer interest and sell faster!

Marketing a home can be an expensive undertaking, but allocating a budget for professional photography ensures your marketing dollars are getting you the return on investment you need and your listings are getting the traffic they deserve. In our highly competitive marketplace professional photography isn’t a luxury – it is an absolute necessity.